May 24, 2020

How I passed my TOGAF 9.2

Last year I decided to take TOGAF. I made a plan, I read how others passed it and then I started learning using the most recommend resource I found out there: the self study pack, which I should had finished in a few weeks, according to a few. But I didn’t.

The problem was that my background was very technical and those books aren’t really meant for this kind of background, they are meant for business people. Which means, I didn’t understand most of the terms, not enough to build a foundation. Not even the second time I started reading the book over.

So what did I do? I looked for other resources of course.

First of all, I undestood it may be my lack of knowledge around enterprise architecture that keeps my from progressing. If you feel the same and even if you don’t but you would like to watch a really good video on enterprise architecture, here it is. This was enough to get the basics on enterprise architecture and move on to TOGAF.

My next step was to watch some videos specifically for TOGAF. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much out there of a great quality. The best that I found, although incomplete, is the VisualParadigm series on TOGAF ADM. After watching this, I felt ready for the self-study pack.

So I started reading again and I finished the book in only a few days. It wasn’t that difficult after all. I did all the example tests I could find online, then I scheduled my exam and passed it.

What did I think of the exam? Honestly, it was difficult. And not because I was unprepared, I read again and again the book until I was sure I understood each paragraph. The exam was very much focused on details and around 30% of the questions’ subject was completely unknown to me, which made the exam very stressful. I felt I had plenty of time though, so I just took those questions one by one and decided the best answer to my best ability. I passed with almost 90%, I got most of them right. But I am confident to say the self-study pack may not be the best place to start learning for this certification and may not be the best place to stop as some information seems to be missing.

Was it worth it? Yes, I am confident it did. You do learn a lot about enterprise architecture and even if your job role doesn’t involve this, TOGAF and enterprise architecture in general help you see the big picture, understand the business processes and give you a nice, easy to follow structure when doing these.